Service disruptions

If there are service disruptions, please visit Armidale Regional Council’s Facebook page

Why is the trial being conducted in Armidale?

A: The NSW Government released expressions of interests to trial automated vehicles in Regional NSW and Transport for NSW wanted to target locations with real world use cases that support local customers and local transport needs. The locations also needed sustainable local support to establish and deliver the trial.

Armidale is a Regional City with a strong Smart City focus to introduce new technology to the region and provides a diverse set of environments for testing that will give great insights into the future of automated vehicles in our regions.

How long will the trial run?

A: The trial will run for 12 months in two phases at three different locations where the complexity of operations will gradually increase. Each phase will operate for around 4 months.

What are the phases of the trial?

A: Phase 1: Operating at UNE Campus until the end of June 2019, targeting student and staff use and connecting residential colleges with key points across campus.

Phase 2: Commencement of phase two begins in July and will introduce a shuttle service for residents around the Armidale CBD including the New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) in loop services. Phase two will also integrate mixed traffic vehicle testing and road infrastructure interactions including roundabouts.

How does the community get involved?

The trial is an opportunity for the community to hop aboard ARDi and share their experiences with us. Community members are encouraged to share their thoughts through short online surveys or providing feedback via email or phone.

What is the speed of ARDi?

ARDi can operate at up to 40km/h but for this phase it will operate at around 20km/h in the UNE campus. Throughout each phase we will be continuously monitoring what a safe and practical operating speed will be.

What is the cost to hop aboard ARDi?

ARDi is a free service for all community members. We encourage community members to hop aboard ARDi and experience the vehicle in autonomous mode around UNE. We encourage the community to share feedback on your experience to enable us to understand any concerns you may have and to enhance the overall experience.

What are the safety features of ARDi?

All trials of automated vehicles in NSW have been developed in accordance with national and state legislation and regulations to ensure they meet required safety standards.

ARDi is a fully electric and driverless vehicle however, a supervisor will be on board ARDi at all times throughout the trial process.

Features include:

  • On board computer, LIDAR and Radar system

  • Internal and external cameras at the front and rear of the vehicle

  • Advanced laser like sensors to understand its surrounding, detect and anticipate any risks of a collision

  • Autonomous emergency braking

  • Emergency stop buttons

Is ARDi accessible?

ARDi is equipped with an automated ramp providing easy access to the vehicle.