ARDi Phase 2

Mapping is now complete for Phase 2 and we hope to commence passenger service very soon.


Driverless vehicle cruises into Armidale for Australia-first trial

Students at the University of New England in Armidale will become the first in NSW to get to class in a driverless vehicle, along the longest route for this kind of transport in Australia so far.

Member for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall announced on Monday 18 February that the Armidale driverless trial would welcome passengers and transport up to 12 passengers at a time in a fully-automated vehicle on a five-kilometre route. The service will begin on Thursday 20 February and operate nine hours a day, five days a week.

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About the Ez10 driverless shuttle

The EZ10 is a bi-directional driverless shuttle. It detects and avoids potential obstacle thanks to a full range of sensors: Radars, Lidars, Stereo Cameras, GPS, I.M.U.(Initial Measurement Unit) and Odometry. The EZ10 offers safe and reliable navigation on a predefined route without a need for additional infrastructure.

EasyMile has deployed the EZ10 driverless shuttle 210 times across 25 countries. The EZ10 was launched in April 2015 and designed to bridge the gap between transportation hubs, it provides new effi¬cient mobility solutions.

The EZ10 is the most deployed self-driving shuttle in the world.


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